TheMagic5 will be a title sponsor for the Finals Day and support swimmers directly by providing easier access to all TheMagic5 training equipment and custom-fit goggles.

British University Swimming League Annouces TheMagic5 as Title Sponsor 2023/24

Tuesday 21st November 2023, 13:00

Written by Amber Lawson-Smith

The British University Swimming League is excited to announce our headline Finals Day sponsor as TheMagic5, a company providing swimmers with custom-fit goggles and training equipment.

As the primary partner for the 2023-2024 season, THEMAGIC5 shares in the vision and opportunity to further elevate the student swimming experience, not just by supporting BUSL as an organisation to foster university sport, but the swimmers directly with better, cutting-edge, customized goggles. 

"We're relatively new compared to all the other competitions in the UK so the partnership works well: THEMAGIC5 are doing new and innovative things, just like we are- Ollie Richardson, Chairperson of The British University Swimming League

Rasmus Barfred, Co-founder of TheMagic 5 says “We see a perfect synergy partnering with the BUSL, We are both trying to innovate and elevate the swimming experience.”

“We naturally share a similar spirit both being innovative start-ups,” Barfred says, “but, more importantly, we both saw the traditional swimming experience just doesn’t work for everyone. We also both realized the solution needed to be affordable, inclusive, and high-performing. Working together, BUSL and THEMAGIC5 can give even more students the opportunity to swim and enjoy the sport.”

What does the Chairperson of the BUSL, Ollie Richardson, have to say about his TheMagic5 goggles?

'After using my TheMagic5 goggles for racing and training, I wouldn't go anywhere else. The quality is unmatched, and due to the custom fitting and face-scanning process, the fit is absulotely perfect!'

Read the full announcement from TheMagic5 here