Please carefully review all information below, and in all subsections of this 'Meet Pack'. Once this has been done, please fill in the relevant entry form, and email to receive a confirmation that it has been received. All payment information and how to enter is found in the pre-event information and promoters conditions. Please ensure you have read all of these in detail.


We will rank all teams in the league to determine qualification. Teams ranked 1-16 by will qualify for the A final, teams ranked 17-30 will qualify for the B final. 

1) Conference position - teams ranked 1-63 by their position in their conference e.g. all conference winners occupy places 1-14. 

2) Conference points - all teams who finished in the same position are ordered by conference points. 

3) Match points - if teams finished on the same number of conference points the number of total match points will be used to rank them.

4) Phase 2 match points - if teams are still equal after steps 1-3 are applied they will be ranked based on total number of match points at Phase 2. 

Simplified (assuming no drop outs)

When Teams Withdraw

Finals Day is not a mandatory part of the BUSL calendar. We understand that not all teams will be able to take part and providing withdrawals are made in accordance with this guidance you will NOT be penalised. 

Opt-out Method 1
If you already know your team will be unable to attend Finals Day (should you qualify) please use the form linked above to notify us. This form will remain open until Finals Day invites are sent. 

Opt-out Method 2 
You can decline our invite to swim at Finals Day when these are sent out with no penalty. If teams fail to submit the entry form within the deadline they will be withdrawn. 

This section highlights some important points about Finals Day. This is not exhaustive. More information can be found in the entry pack documents below which team captains/coaches MUST read

All deadlines are HARD deadlines. If you miss them, the BUSL reserves the right and will remove you from Finals Day and give your place to another team.